Chutné Kytice

The first and most popular edible bouquets in Slovakia, for which we have created an exclusive campaign.

Our client, who makes the first and most popular edible bouquets in Slovakia, turned to us with a request for a new campaign. The crux of the campaign was to create a promotional video for the Tasty Bouquet brand. The aim of the selected audio-visual communication was a simple way to introduce the product itself, and its potential for customers. In addition, an emphasis was made on impeccable service. All of this was done in an unobtrusive and virtually delicious manner.

The shooting was preceded by a number of activities. From the creation of the campaign concept and strategy to scenario selection. Thus, for a couple of weeks, our boardroom was turned into an exhibition of sketches of fruits. A storyboard was created… The shooting of the Tasty Bunch was not an easy task, and the food stylist had to work hard. Indeed, the first scene took two hours to film.

If a creation did not turn out as we had planned, we had the opportunity to eat all those tasty goodies. Nevertheless, honestly, we did not try to spoil anything, but it was not easy to aesthetically cover strawberries with three different chocolate coatings. After all, you can see this for yourself.

In preparing the campaign for Tasty Bouquets, we could not ignore a few fundamental conclusions. Firstly, because this is a new phenomenon in our capital city; and secondly, because one simply cannot refuse such good things!

If you wish to leave someone both breathless and feeling delighted at the same time, then place your bets on a delicious bouquet made from excellent fresh fruits by ! 🙂
Tasty Bouquets make the number one gifts – even in our office.


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Chutné Kytice a Boomex Marketing Agency ( ovocie a jahoda v bielej čokoláde)

Chutné kytice a Boomex Marketing Agency ( jahody v čokoláde)Chutné kytice a Boomex Marketing Agency (kytice a jahody)

Chutné kytice a Boomex Marketing Agency ( pomaranč, kiwi, melón)


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