When your clients trust you 100%, you cannot disappoint them. It was with this in mind that we started to prepare the concept of educational videos for internal and external employees of ČSOB Leasing.

Our task was to create an unusual internal campaign for the employees of ČSOB Leasing. The crux of the campaign was to create a series of training videos that instruct as well as entertain the employees and affiliated financial agents of ČSOB Leasing. And replace a heap of paper brochures. Thus, we set about creating timeless animations with long lifespans. Animations that will educate – easily, effortlessly and even be entertaining, while fitting perfectly into the preselected communication strategy.

With the client ČSOB Leasing, we agreed that flat animation would be the best way to teach every employee and would do this efficiently and quickly. We then embarked on creating a visual concept that was uniform for all animations. With regards to the graphic style, this we made sure was in tune with the well-known corporate colors of the client – cyan blue.
The only requirement was that one of these characters should be a hipster. What do you think, have we achieved this goal?

In the production process itself, it was not easy to illustrate the procedure of leasing. Clearly explaining terms like APR and describing the purpose of each required contract. This was an additional challenge. And we at Boomex, like to undertake every challenge. Actually, we literally love them! 🙂

Incidentally, APR means annual percentage rate,

csob web 1

csob final 2csob final 1

  • prosing a strategy for the training of employees of ČSOB Leasing
  • creation of an internal campaign
  • realization of timeless visual communication with flexible implementation
  • copywriting of the project
  • production of a series of animations

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