DHL Parcel Slovakia

For DHL Parcel Slovakia, we developed a creative campaign, whose goal was to introduce a new division of the global courier company – DHL, namely DHL Parcel Slovakia. The core of the campaign was two commercials that supported the entry of new services onto the Slovak market.

In addition to the direct delivery of parcels, our client entered the market with a new service – the Parcel Shop. These are delivery-points, where people can easily send or receive parcels. The advantages that such Shops offer are accessibility and multi-functionality. See this for yourself in our corporate video. Incidentally, this campaign was given the working title of “Made With Love”. And this is exactly how we approached it as well …


We are very pleased to work with clients such as DHL Parcel for several reasons. The management of the company includes great people who love innovative ideas and leave us plenty of freedom when creating new campaigns. What more could one ask for?

Thus, in order to ensure the highest quality, we put together an international production crew. By the way, the main camera operator involved in creating this film was nominated for an Academy Award and the production team was honored at Cannes for their cinematographic work. In addition to American “blood”, the production team also included Czechs and Poles. Slovaks, of course, could not be left out.

During the 4 days of shooting, we traveled to more than 20 sites, hardly having time to sleep, but we enjoyed every take. During the very last take, we all unanimously screamed – “Martini shot!” (The final take); and after all the endless work, we cooled off by jumping into the pool.

The first stage was completed, but our work was far from done! The creation of the corporate video had just started…

Customer satisfaction – means our satisfaction.
After all, how can it be otherwise, when we cooperate with such online agencies as and PR agency

Made with love,

DHL Parcel Slovensko a Boomex Marketing Agency shooting ( behind the scenes)

DHL Parcel Slovensko a Boomex Marketing Agency shooting ( behind the scenes)

DHL Parcel Slovensko a Boomex Marketing Agency shooting ( behind the scenes)Activities:

  • design and implementation of creative campaigns
  • creation of an international production team
  • complete postproduction work

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