Italian brand Kilto is a trusted vendor of predominantly men’s fashions. During its 20 years in business, it has built a reputation as an exclusive dealer of limited edition clothing and accessories. Success on the domestic market also became a reason to pursue expansion abroad. And this is why we became involved.

Subsequently, for the foreign client Kilto, we carried out extensive marketing research of potential markets for expansion. This research was geographically broken down into four areas – the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Hong Kong. In each country, in addition to a survey of direct and indirect competition, we took a closer look at the buying behavior of customers. A psychological analysis of preselected stimuli, which most directly affected buying behavior, was also carried out.

This was a big step for the Kilto brand. We had to be rigorous. Minimum by 300%!

Therefore, one of the sections was dedicated to the research of average rental prices of retail premises in selected cities.Further, for example, we created a report on the charter of advertising space.The conclusion of the entire survey was a “Sum Up” – which depicted the practical information on the logical approach to expansion in each individual market.As well as recommendations on which market to enter and whether to expand the original Kilto brand, or create a completely new brand.

After creating this document, we followed it up with a presentation of the results.We held a meeting with the client in our boardroom in Slovakia.The airplane was delayed by two hours.And from this arose our additional internal motto – more work, less late.Or variations of this – more love, less late; or more smile, less late.

After a couple of hours, a satisfied client was off on his vacation.We even received photographic feedback on how well he was feeling and doing out there… with our work in his hands.

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More Work, Less Late,


Kilto and Boomex Marketing Agency


  • In Depth Market Research
  • Survey of customer buying behavior
  • Review of rental establishments in selected cities
  • Review on the charter of advertising space in selected locations
  • Procedures for entering the market and any additional practical information

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