When creating a promotional video for the new mobile application WakesApp, which wants to conquer the whole world, we had to think up a unique concept.One that easily informs future users of the application and that without it, they simply cannot live. Challenge accepted.

The animation for the start-up of the WakesApp was intended for the global market.

During the initial global campaign, our work could be seen by students in the USA and at the world’s largest start-ups event of future technologies – the Pioneers in Austria.

We ourselves in Boomex Marketing Agency were testing the application WakesApp, became addicted to it and still hold the record for the number of reminders in one day.We strongly advocate the idea that one must perfectly understand the product when wishing to promote it. Is this not so?

However, when we were preparing this animation, we wanted to insert even more into it from us. Something that the original script did not contain.

This was also a little surprise for our client.

Try to guess what it is.

A quick hint – you can find it at the end…

And if you wish, after watching the video, to send to your colleagues some reminders, you can download the application from www.wakesapp.com.

Maybe you will surpass us in creating “wakes” and never again forget anything,


web wakesapp 1 foto

wakes app foto 2 web

wakesapp 3 foto web

  • preparation and implementation of visual communication
  • production of animation



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